Unarmed Security Officers

Quantum Protection provides trained and licensed uniformed or plainclothes officers for private, residential, commercial or government properties.

Our security officers are screened and selected carefully to insure the service delivered surpasses your expectations. Quantum also offers post specific customized training curriculums and in house officer training for all clients.

We include Quantum View technology which allows you to monitor the officers actions and reports 24/7 in real time using GPS technology that can be monitored on any device you choose.

Armed Security Officers

Just like our unarmed services when required by our clients Quantum provides uniformed or plainclothes trained and licensed armed security officers. Quantum armed officers are trained, directed, inspected and supervised by our certified in-house firearms instructor who has over 30 years experience in law enforcement / security firearms training.

Executive Protection Operators

Personal safety is paramount If your business, profession, lifestyle or circumstances requires close protection due to an active or passive threat(s). Quantum can provide highly trained and experienced personnel and equipment that meets your requirements.

Quantum operators are industry experts with real world field experience focused on preventing incidents through advance mitigative planning criteria and tactics. All Quantum EPO’s are trained and equipped to deal with incidents legally and decisively.

Private Investigation

When you are looking for answers based on facts or need definitive proof or confirmation to your concerns you want professional, trustworthy and affordable private investigators working for you. Quantum Investigations is a full service private detective agency with over two decades of experience in delivering first-class and confidential service for our valued clients. We are a locally owned and operated, licensed and insured our team of professionals are truly dedicated to the successful resolution of each assignment.

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Other Security Services


Quantum Mobile Patrol Services

We provide uniformed security foot patrol or any form of mobile patrol vehicle your property specifications requires. We provide a free (Risk Assessment) that helps you decide what works best for your properties overall protection. Motor Vehicle Security Patrols from (Electric Smart Cars, Suv’s), Electric Segway Security Patrols, Electric Golf Cart Security Patrols, Bike Security Patrols.


Quantum Corporate Security Services

Our corporate security service is a specialized upgraded service that we offer to large corporate office complexes or luxury buildings and hotels, that require a professional guest oriented security presence. Quantum corporate security officers are specifically selected, trained and dressed to the same exacting hospitality and customer service standards used by many 5 star hotels.


Quantum Personal Safety Seminars

(QPSS) Personal Safety Seminars are designed to help the participants recognize and react correctly to serious safety threats. Seminars provide you with the mindset, tools and survival tactics recommended by law enforcement to help you mitigate the danger faced in a violent crime or confrontation.

Topics comprise from Forcible Felonies, Personal Safety in a public place, Personal Safety at home to Weapons, Hardware, Tactics and Use of Force Laws.


Quantum Security Training

Our in house security instructors are qualified among the best in the industry. With over 30 years of real world law enforcement and security industry training experience. Quantum instructors are state tested, licensed and certified. This unique capability allows us to custom design a security training program to address any conceivable security challenge.


Quantum Security Risk Assessment

Upon request Quantum Protection Services can conduct a free in-depth security risk assessment. No two clients are the same that’s why we take into account demographics, crime statistics and current criminal trends for your area, we then use this data to develop a custom security and training program that mitigates those known, and potential risk factors. In conclusion you get, highly effective customized protection for your property.