Become an Armed Security Officer Today!

Our in house security instructors are qualified among the best in the industry. With over 30 years of real world law enforcement and security industry training experience. Quantum instructors are state tested, licensed and certified.

Quantum instructors not only qualify you in the basic “G” License Course, but they offer an additional focus on real life officer safety and survival tactics throughout your security training.  Firearms training is serious business and your skill level can make the difference between surviving a life threatening incident or not. Get trained by the experts at Quantum Security Services today.

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Quantum 28 Hour State of Florida “G” License (Armed Security Officer) Course

This three day course is a state requirement for all State of Florida “D” license security officers and “C”,“CC,”M”, “MA”, “MB” licensed individuals who want to carry a firearm on duty. You must successfully pass a written test and range qualification course before you can apply for a “G” (Armed) license.